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Fifth Grade (5) Fifth Grade (5)


March 27th-April 22nd

Coffee Shop

Today you will open your own coffee shop and work to make your business as successful as it can be. Before you can begin, you will need a way to record your sales for each day.

I will send you an excel file. Be sure to save it to your "My Documents" folder before you do anything else.

Then click the link below and start selling. Be sure to record your data for each day you sell coffee.

LT: I understand Excel is used as a way to collect, organize and analyze data. I also kept my coffee shop running for at least 3 days without going bankrupt.

March 11th-March 26th


Conditionals are statements that only run under certain conditions. Sometimes, we want to have an extra condition, in case the "IF" statement is not true. This extra condition is called an "ELSE" statement.

After we look at some examples, you will work on Stage 13. This will be the last concept of computer programming that we will be exploring this year. If you are finished through stage 13, you can jump to stages 16 and/or 17 and see what you can create in those stages.

LT: I can explain the concept of a conditional.

Feb. 23rd-March 10th


The next concept we will be exploring in our coding work is debugging. When we find and fix problems within our algorithms or programs it is known as debugging. In stages 9-11, instead of writing a program, you will be looking at existing programs and looking for the errors in them.

LT: I am able to look at a program and find the existing problems.

Jan. 22nd-Feb. 13th


Today we will be discussing loops. A loop is the action of doing something over and over again. This becomes very valuable when it comes to computer programming. We will be working on stages 5-8 which will allow us to see loops in action.

LT: I can explain the benefit of using loops when writing code.

Jan. 5th-Jan. 21st

As a follow-up to the Hour of Code, we are going to be spending some time learning more about the field of computer science. You will all have your own user accounts and will be working on different assignments using the link below. Today we will be talking about programs and algorithms.

LT: I know the defintion of program and algorithm.

Dec. 15th-Dec. 23rd

Finish Tech Term Bingo


Tech Term Dictionary

Your Dictionary

LT: I know definitions for each of the tech terms in my table.

Dec. 5th-Dec. 12th

Hour of Code

Use the link below to access your Hour of Code activity.

Code Monkey

If you finish early or would like to learn more about coding on your own, check out these resources:



Oct. 21st-Dec. 4th

Tech Term Bingo

Today we will begin learning how to create tables in Microsoft Word.

Begin by opening up a new Word document.

Put your name and date in the header. Be sure to use the tab key to move to the right for the date.

Create a table, see the steps below:

  • Insert, Table
  • Make it 5 columns and 4 rows
  • Type B in the first column
  • Press Tab and type I
  • Press Tab and type N
  • Press Tab and type G
  • Press Tab and type O
  • Use the shading tool to shade only the boxes that contain letters.
  • Save this file as “Tech Bingo.”

Then copy the words in the side box. Copy and paste one word in each box of your table. Now find a definition for each word from the links below. Be sure to give credit to the sources you use.

Fact Monster

Tech Term Dictionary

Your Dictionary

LT: I can explain the steps involved in creating a table in Microsoft Word. I can also use the keyboard shortcuts for copy and paste.

Flash Drive


Oct. 9th-Oct. 20th

Continue Who Am I

Today you will continue your All About Me research. Remember to add each fact that you find to your Word document.

When you are finished with the websites, go to the website below and create a picture that represents you. You will then take a picture of your finished piece and add it to your Word document. I will show you how to do this.

Then make the following format changes in Word:

  • Add a border
  • Change the font size, color and type
  • Put your name and date in the header

Make sure to save everything!!

LT: I am able to add a border, change font size, type and color in Word. I can also explain the purpose of using the Header/Footer section in a Word document.

Sept. 19th-Oct. 8th

Who Am I?

Today we will use the Internet for research to find some cool "Who Am I" facts. We will also begin to look at the new version of Word.

First, open a new Word document. Use Wordart to title it "WHO AM I?" Then use the following websites to find the information for each of the questions asked.

Record your information in your Word document.

LT: I know which ribbon to choose to insert wordart in a Word document.

Sept. 11th-Sept. 18th

Review of Internet Safety

We are going to start the year off with a review of some of the Internet safety rules we need to follow that will keep us safe when we are surfing the World Wide Web.

Let's begin with a BrainPop movie all about Internet Safety.

When we are done, click the link below and take the online quiz.

Print your results, but do not get them from the printer. I will collect them all.

After you have printed your results, you can go to any of the websites on the side.

LT: I can list 5 different ways to stay safe while surfing the web.

Surfing Safely

Online Safety Game

Internet Safety Quiz


Sept. 3rd-Sept. 10th

Welcome Back!

As it is our first day back to the computer lab, we will begin with a review of the rules we need to follow.

We will then log in and get organized for the year.

Use the link on the side when you are finished.

LT: I know the rules and expectations in the computer lab. I also have all of my files organized in folders.

Go here when
you are done:


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